York – A Great Place To Visit!

Our trip to York!

Lynne's Art and Soul

A couple of months ago, Jo and I went to York.  We had never been there before but everyone I spoke to who had been there said it was lovely.  They were right.  It is a beautiful city with a (mainly) mediaeval wall running through it.  There are lots of things to do, free street entertainment and it is great for anyone who is interested in Roman, Viking and mediaeval history.

We went to Jorvik which is all about Vikings.  There was a short ride through a smelly Viking street which was interesting but be careful if you ever go on it as it is very easy to hit your head on the huge, hard speakers that are just where your head goes on the back of the seat.  Yes, I did it!  And it hurt!  A lot!!!   😦

Barley Hall was very good.  I think it was my…

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